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I remember when Kansas City was just a fly over when I traveled to and from the East Coast.  Seven years later, I became deeply embedded within the Mid-West culture and hospitality, married my best friend who is from Kansas and purchased a home.  Now whenever I travel, I’m always looking forward in getting back to peace and not so fast pace living because Kansas City is now my HOME!

I am fortunate to have come from a very diverse background; I have served in the National Guards in Louisiana and Texas for six years.  I received my license in Paramedicine in Dallas, TX, then working at two trauma ER departments and on a MICU as a paramedic while living in Dallas, TX.  Both professions have taught me life lessons in leadership, relationship building and the importance of life itself.

I received my Bachelor’s in the field of Telecommunication Engineering and my M.B.A. with an emphasis in Project Management which directed me on a career path in Radio Frequency Engineering and Site Development for over 15 industry years.

With Site development and Acquisitioning knowledge gained through my career, I began to invest in real estate where I saw a need to bring back neighborhoods that were left behind from a socioeconomic standpoint and initiated the process of rehabbing homes in distress.

I teamed up with Fortune Builders Inner Circle where I’ve learned every aspect of what it takes to build a home and most importantly; make it your own. 

With RE/MAX HERITAGE by my side, it’s the icing on the cake where we can make dreams become a reality and exceed all expectations for both buyers and sellers.  Go ahead and push the “Easy Button”; we gotcha…